Monday, January 26, 2009

Less than one week...

I will be FORTY! The Big 4-0! Nah... it doesn't bother me... I don't really feel like that is old anymore! Now... I am noticing more lines on my face that weren't there last week, Chuck found more grey hairs than I knew I had, and my bones/muscles seem to bother me more when it is cold outside... but I don't feel OLD!

I can handle this! It is just another day! Everyone has been giving me a hard time, but I am riding it out in style! Chuck went out and got a tattoo when he turned 40! I doubt I will go and do something as drastic as that... but it would be fun to say I did that because I was 40! Now to figure out what "that" could be that doesn't make a permanent mark on my body!

Just random thoughts on a random day! and with NO photos to add!

Lights Out!


Angie said...

Good for you for looking at 40 with a positive outlook!!! Gary went out and bought a Mustang when he turned forty, it didnt leave a permanent mark on his body, could have though if I didnt like the car too.

Lisa said...

Turning 40 really was just another day except that everyone was giving me a hard time. Its fun though! I have the gray hair to prove it and am actually looking forward to when I don't have to color it anymore! Just not at 40!

Lyn said...

Happy happy birthday to you!!
I am sure you are still as spunky as you've always been!!