Monday, February 02, 2009


It is just a number! A wonderful number! A larger number than 39! A GREAT number! And I embrace it! Maybe that should be my "Ali Edwards Word of the Year!" (since I haven't picked one yet)! EMBRACE! I didn't wake up with any new wrinkles, gray hair, or creaks! In fact, after having the flu for the past week, I woke up feeling rather young!
Had a wonderful, quiet day at home, went bowling with the family, and came home and let Chuck spoil me with an amazing dinner and my favorite dessert... angel food cake with strawberries! They tasted a ton better than that photo might reveal! Look at all that yummy strawberry goodness!
The ladies at school did some scheming while I was sick... they all showed up in black, decorated my room, the kids brought me flowers, and my room mom brought in donuts for my homeroom! That makes coming back after a week off quite delightful! Kelly even made another fave of mine... Dr Pepper cake! It is just divine!
And to top it all off... in my email box was a note from Shawn over at Nuts About Sketches... she asked me to be on her DT for her sketch site! I am actually thrilled, as she will get me thinking outside my "one photo layout" box that I seem to be stuck in! Check in over there if you ever needs some inspiration!
Smooches to all that wished me happy times and even to those that made fun of my big 4-0! I embrace it all!
Lights Out!


Musicmom-Amy said...

Looks like a perfect way to spend your birthday!! Congrats on the DT!!

Lyn said...

Happy birthday to you, friend!! Now that we're Facebook pals we can keep in touch!! Sounds like you had a fabulous bday!

Cassie said...

Love you pumkin...and when I called...there was a REASON I didn't say a word about 40...mine is coming and I hope you remebmer that i DIND'T tease you. LMAO