Thursday, February 26, 2009

Do you...

ever wait SO long between posts to where it seems like it will be a chore just to finally post? This month is almost over and I am JUST "finding" time to put something up here! I am going to just peruse my camera flash card to see what happened, so I can tell all! Yep, this is going to be really BIG in the photo arena! But you are due, aren't you?


February in review **and I am sure I will miss something**

Turned 40! And after that last post, we met up with Mom and Dad for some lunch and they gave me a MM Carousel. This is what it looked like AFTER I was finished with it! It just makes me giddy!
Basketball ended, so I made E sit for a little photo shoot! She had fun and even made a basket!
7th grade celebrates the end of their medieval unit with a feast! Costumes, games, art, and food. And what Medieval feast is complete without a PIG? My darling sister-in-law made E's precious dress!
Can't remember if I mentioned this before, but I was published in Scrapbook, News, and Review. It is an online magazine and this layout was featured for their Obsessions section!
Made the DT for a cute little sketch site called NutsAboutSketches and Shawn has really gotten my mojo back in the groove! Here are some of the goods from her sketches.
Valentines just can't be complete without homemade cards made at the very last minute with two adorable and COOPERATIVE kids. And they really were BOTH!
Track started and E just amazes me with her endurance. I would love to be able to say I ran the distance that she runs each day. And I would LOVE the legs that would come WITH that mileage! Will post running photos once I get some! **the layout below is from last year's season** I guess I could have cheated and just given you THAT photo!
Art Happened! It feels so good to just get into the scraproom everyonce in a while and actually USE it for what its purpose is. It gets used to store stuff more than anything else!
And finally... I leave the end of the month with Rodeo Day... those of you that know that Go Texan day is a huge event in the Houston area! It is tomorrow, but today was the kindergarten rodeo day! They ate cowboy lunches, danced, and taught their parents to dance! Look at the fun!
OK, for MY sanity and your server limits, I promise to post more often!
Lights out


sally said...

Loved all the pictures! Thanks for sharing them with us.

Cassie said...

why HELLO sweet cheeks. and OMG OMG that thing is AWESOME. you made it so pretty.

you know, we are working on my office area in the studio, and i think instead of getting rid of my scrapping stuff, i'm just going to move it down there. I am getting closer to going full time there, and then maybe i can get started again.

so i updated just for YOU. ok ok maybe it was for me to bitch but yea.

my future children in laws are ADORABLE. mally looked at T's, and said quote "looks like it was a good thing I got those boots huh mom"