Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day 2 At Sea

We woke up WAAY too early for vacation time, but I think I was just so excited! I could see the sun peeking in through the curtains, and my curiosity was piqued! I probably could have been quieter, however, I wanted everyone up so we could enjoy the day!

We headed to breakfast at the Raffles buffet. Like yesterday's lunch, it was just so much food to choose from, however, everyone was happy with something! Makes like easy, and who can say no to fresh waffles with fruit on top?

Today was a day of doing... it is hard to sit still when there is just so much to do... And we did a bit of it all...

Checking out the view: and noticing that the water is definitely prettier than what we are used to in the gulf closer to home!

Swimming **multiple times**: there were two pools, but we spent most of the time at the kids pool. More kids T's size, he could reach the bottom, and fewer college aged kids hogging up all the chairs. Hey, the bar man found us there... nothing lost!
FYI or Note to Self: Be VERY careful where and when you mention that **YOU** never seem to be in the family vacation photos. And then make sure that you KNOW where your camera is at all times! Some of these just might show up on your camera card! Cass, this is for you to prove I was actually there!

Playing ping pong:

Posing: E was usually more up for posing, T I just caught when he would look at me... at this point, he is realizing that it is salt water he is swimming in... yeah, kinda messed up the pose, but I will take it...

Dinner tonight was Asian Fusion... another specialty restaurant, but it was all you can eat for a cover of $15. Kids were half price... I can promise you I ate my share of sushi... I probably ate my weight in sushi that night! It was awesome. And an Asian influenced creme brulee was a pretty nice way to top off the night!

Now to get that sunset I looked for yesterday... Saw it going down, reached in for my camera, and poof... it was gone. But this is pretty darn close for today! There is always tomorrow, right?

The "Newlywed/Not so Newlywed Game" was going on in the Galaxy of the Stars. We played along and did fairly well! it was a hoot to watch those poor people on the "stage" having to give their answers out in public... and to watch Penny's face change a 1000 shades of red when she had to answer one of them! Nope... won't divulge the question OR the answer... her secret is safe with me!
Costa Maya tomorrow...
Lights Out!


KellyB said...

Yeah! I caught your first post this morning and was hoping to read more soon. I was thrilled to see that you had already posted again! It makes me want to go on a cruise too!

Lyn said...

Hope you and the fam are enjoying the vacation! Have a fabulous time!