Tuesday, March 24, 2009

In the Beginning...

It was definitely time to be on break! My students had been going crazy, the weather turned cooler, and we just needed this nice family break!

I had been packed for a while, but completely since the Sunday before! I didn't want ANY surprises! I told you I was ready!

Friday the 13th... probably not the best travel day, but we are on vacation! It was 44* when we left, so we had to do a little replanning our travel attire! Definitely looking forward to warmer weather!

We arrive at Chuck's sister's (Penny) house about an hour south of New Orleans Friday afternoon. Some family came over and Penny made an amazing lasagna and had some nice "hanging with the fam" time!

Saturday was pampering day. Penny treated "The Girls" to a mani/pedi to look nice for the trip. And a really great lunch. Everyone was just so tickled with anticipation. Our goal was to wake up and leave by 10AM Sunday morning! We were up WAY early! Man it was tough to kill that time before we left!

We got to the port in time to be in the first throng of people on the boat! Trav was amazed at the size! We toured the boat with our first stop at our room to drop carry on bags, and then at Raffles (buffet) for lunch. It was almost TOO much food to decide what you want to eat!

With full bellies, we headed back to our rooms to look for our luggage! Two bags down, NINE to go! We packed! Lets see what this boat is made of! We toured around some more, but the weater just wasn't all that nice! We saw the pools, casinos, etc and even thought we saw it all... boy were we wrong! Muster (mustard to a six year old) Drill was entertaining... T asked if we had to do that EVERYDAY and when would it be the Ketchup Drill? HA! This was what New Orleans looked like when it was time to leave! I sure hope that the weather improves!

Decided to give the luggage one more shot! Yeah... everything arrived! We unpacked everything... the room is tiny - with T's bed pulled out, we were wall to wall beds! E will sleep with Penny and James in their room down the hall! I cant' stand living out of a suit case, and there just isn't room for them to be out! After we settled in, we headed to dinner!
Teppenyaki at one of the specialty restaurants. It was a pretty good show, and the scallops were amazing!

Drinks at the bar and headed off to bed! Missed the sunset... there is always tomorrow's!

Lights Out!


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