Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Day 4 - Santo Tomas, Guatamala

It is beautiful! It is just like looking at a jungle. I know it is, but I didn't expect to wake up and SEE this. Little boats are circling us. It is so rustic and so neat. Almost Hollywood if you didn't know the truth about it. I don't know what I was expecting, but I wasn't expecting this.

Today we will head into the Guatamalan rainforest to see and swim in the waterfalls...


There were some good things and not so good things here in Guatamala... It is so poor and the people are just so excited to see us. I know that all the ports are thrilled when cruise boats come into their areas because we bring income. But these people genuinely seemed excited to be able to share their little country with us. On the way to the waterfalls (by bus) we went through the little town of Santo Tomas. The children stood on either side of the street and waved. It was the cutest thing.

Chuck stopped at the base of the hike at a little taco stand run by these Mayan people. This was, hands down, the best guacamole I have ever had, and Chuck makes a mean guac! Homemade tortillas, rice/beans, and that guac... sure made that hike better!

The waterfall was beautiful, the water... FREEZING... )I think we were expecting it to be much larger of a water fall and I KNOW I was expecting the water to be at least COMFORTABLE! Man that water was cold! I don't think I ever made it completely IN the water! I can just blame it on not wanting to get the camera wet!) and the hike... let's just say we obviously need to get in shape, and we just didn't swim as much as I had hoped. It was absolutely beautiful though. Everything was just crisp and colorful... even the little inhabitants of the forest! The time went by way too fast. But look how cute we all are and how excited we are that we are NOT at home and work and school!

Back at the port was a little open air market. You know all the goods that say, "Made in Guatamala"? They are... and it is beautiful! I got some rosewood bracelets from a man we watched making an alligator carving. T got one of the local drums that makes the neatest sounds, but gets old quick! E got some woven bracelets, and both guys got a tshirt. We found a beautiful sterling rosary for Chuck's mom, and hand woven placemats for my mom!

and then Chuck saw it... a young kid carrying around a Dr Pepper. You see... I don't drink coffee... I drink DP! And I had not had one since Sunday as the boat doesn't stock them! I KNOW! Anyway, not long after he spotted it, I saw the little booth that was selling canned DP! Chuck calmed me down, and let me know he planned on getting me a six pack for the remainder of the cruise! No more trying to perfect ice coffee in the morning! I was elated! It caught me a giggle to know that 1000's of miles away in another country I was buying a staple of mine that is made not that far away from my house in little Texas! That was the BEST DP I had had in DAYS!

Then it was time to head back to the boat... We were told by our tour guide to watch the dance at the port before we left. Knowing our rooms were on that side of the ship, we headed up to our rooms to watch from our balconies. This was the coolest thing, and most likely the neatest port from the whole trip. Practically the entire town of Santo Tomas came out to see us off. All the taxis parked in a straight line and honked and flashed their lights, two dancing groups came out and preformed their custom dances, "the punto", all the tour guides sang along, and they had a huge signt that said, "Have a nice trip, consider Guatamala your home!" It was so touching. Like I said at the beginning... this was one port that truly made us feel welcome.
Once we had pulled away, and we couldn't hear the music anymore, we cleaned up and headed to Cagney's Steak House for dinner. Should have gone with the filets (the kids' steak looked amazing), but that was the BEST dessert of the whole week ~ bananas foster! I am going to not fit into any of my work clothes!

Ended the evening with a magic show with Richard Burr and his wife Josette. T is hooked on magic, magic tricks, and anything to do with it... so this was a definite necessary for him. One of the tricks had flying cards, and one of the cards landed practically in Chuck's lap... he gave it to T and he got it autographed on the way out. A real hit of the evening!

Did I really miss the sunset again? There is always tomorrow!

Wonder what Belize will have to offer tomorrow! Am I really going to throw this 40 year old body down a zip line 85 feet up in the air? Hmmm...

Lights Out!

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