Monday, March 30, 2009

We interrupt this program for a brief message!

However it is most likely NOT brief...
This past weekend, E and I drove to Dallas to celebrate the life of my grandfather. He would have been 98 in April. Granddaddy passed away on March 22. On some aspects the occasion was sad, but mostly it was truly a joyous occasion! I knew he was an amazing man, but didn't know the true range of his being. I would certainly NEVER ask any of you to read his obituary... but if you are family and you missed it, here is a his obituary from the Dallas Morning News this past Saturday.

This was taken when he was 96 with his 93 year old "baby brother," Dick! Gruncle Dick is an Aggie from Texas A&M and Grandy is a Longhorn from The University of Texas! Anyone that knows these guys know that they are closer than brothers, but they both joke that there is one day a year that they do not necessarily get along! It was a hoot to watch!

Grandy you will be missed more than you will ever know, but everyone was in agreement that you are where you want to be... right by the side of your life-long bride! From the bottom of my heart and from the hearts of your four surviving children, twelve grandchildren, and sixteen great-grandchildren, we love you!

While E and I were in Dallas, Chuck and T were home tearing up the diamond! T's very first baseball game ever was this past Saturday. and being the dutiful dad/husband, he took photos for me, knowing how much I wanted them! Love you, Honey! And isn't he the cutest boy in baseball... even if it is a Yankees one?

It looks like I might be missing game #2 as well... Chuck will get that game and I get the track meet! Whatever works best for everyone! I am just thrilled that both kids have found something that they enjoy and that both Chuck and I can be a part of it!
Stay tuned for Cruise Day 4 - Guatamala!
Lights Out!

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Anonymous said...

What a good husband!! Sorry you were in Dallas... miles from me too. :) Sounds like he lived a long, happy life though. We're here now, but only until tomorrow morning!!!!! I'll email you my number in case you're around tonight.