Wednesday, March 04, 2009


OK, look'e there! Two posts in one day!

I forgot I had a quirky funny little man thing to say! I didn't forget I had the quirky funny little man, just that he said something funny!

So, we started baseball (photos to come later, I am waiting for good ones). Ran to Academy after the first practice to get gear! On the way out, he grabs my hand and is just grinning! The following conversation happened next!

Me: You excited about baseball?

T: Yep!

Me: What part?

T: It is fun out there...

Me: Oh yeah

T: And I like my hat!

T: And I like my new jersey!

T: but...

Me: yeah?

T: That weiner cover HAS TO GO!

Out of the mouth of Little Man!

Lights Out!

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Anonymous said...

That's hilarious!! The funny things kids say... :)