Monday, March 09, 2009

Well... hello there!

Today's message is brought to you by ME! My name is Spikes (I was apparently named long before they realized I was a female) and I am a Bearded Dragon. I belong to one precocious 13 year old girl. She feeds me daily, brings me fresh water, and occasionally drops in some really yummy meal worms or crickets.

Yep, I know what you are thinking, how is it that that lizard is owned by a girl... well, I believe after listening to multiple conversations, that there is an older female that tends to tell her it is time to do this. I hear that this happens quite a bit in the human race...

Kid wants pet
parent says kid won't take care of it
kid promises to do it
kid doesn't
mom does!
Bless those moms!

Lights Out!

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