Wednesday, January 06, 2010


I am sticking to my word of play... Now granted, it is only the SIXTH of January, but because I spent so much time in my room before the new year... my room is ready to play in when I have the few minutes to do it! And because it is such a huge rarity that my room is this clean... I wanted it documented.

I am very proud of my room. I have worked hard to get it the way I want it, and I know that I am truly blessed to even be able to say that I have this room for my craftiness. Ask Chuck, he says he has NO place in the entire house except half the garage (that MY car is parked in where his is in the driveway) and his "front door!" He is the only one that uses the front door, the rest of us use the garage door.

So... Now I want to take you on a personal tour of my precious space! Yes, Mom! It will stay clean! We started off by painting it a cool color called Green Tea! It is a litttle softer than the greens I used in my decorations, but it is a perfect soothing scrapping color!

ONE: This is what my room looks like from the living room. I can see the study and family room and still be connected to the rest of the family when I am in my zone. Chuck installed the French doors which keeps the dog out of my room!

TWO: This is my table. It is a 600 pound butcher block that my FIL saved from the trash bin after OSHA declared no more wood cutting boards. They didn't have room in their new house, so I get to babysit this beast of a table! The window looks out into our front yard. I added the close up of two more of the altered items I did to match the carousel you will see later. One houses scissors and glue... the other was fun to do... left over Crystal Light containers, altered and ready to store all writing utensils!

THREE: My big set of Expedit bookshelves from IKEA! They store everything from albums, to knick-knacks, to bin storage. In the storage I have tools, embellishments, cards stuff, stamps, chipboard, etc. I am ok with just throwing everything in the bins that belong in that bin! My wooden chipboard bins from Michaels will be altered this weekend. Going to spray paint them white and decorate them to match the other goodies!

FOUR: This is my computer desk from Target and my little shelves from IKEA. More knick-knacks and the bins house computer programs and CD photo storage. I altered my MM carousel and then decided to alter everything else that I used as storage to match it. Nothing is appearing safe that is alterable! On top of the shelves are a collection of M's for our last name and my beloved antique camera collection!

FIVE: The back side of my French Doors. Chuck built a shelf at the top that stores more of my M's, some photos and a layout I doubled and framed.

SIX: We had a lizard stored here... he has since found a new home, so now it is my cutting station, idea board from an old house window, and my newest fun... My SIL hand painted that quote on the wall for my daily inspiration. Isn't she a doll, and has the neatest handwriting ever! She did that in under ten minutes while we were waiting for the Turkey Dinner to settle at Thanksgiving! LOVE her! And it completes my room perfectly!

I have a layout from Christmas on my table right now just ready to get glued down. It sure makes it easier to get in there when everything is clean!

I would LOVE to see your rooms... leave me a link and let me see what yours looks like!

Lights Out!


Sally said...

AWESOME! And yes, I know it will be kept clean! You are much better at that than I am! Congrats! It looks so...creative-ready!

Lisa Smith said...

Wow, I love your scrapbook room! I have looked at those shelves from IKEA. I might have to invest later as I work on unpacking my scrapbook things from our move!

Lisa Smith said...

Wow, I love your scrapbook room! I have looked at those shelves from IKEA. I might have to invest later as I work on unpacking my scrapbook things from our move!

Jenni said...

What a room!!! It looks AWESOME! Those French doors are gorgeous and I love the shelf you have above it---so cute! Enjoy your space! When can I come over and play? =)
-Jenni from CC

CRyan said...

I am so jealous. My room never seems to get to the finished state. I try but to no avail. This year I will try again.

Your room is beautiful. Enjoy the clean space.

Tanya said...

What an amazing space-good for you to have it completed!!! Happy scrapping!!