Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy 2010!

Wow, that seems weird... It has been a pretty good one so far, however, it is only 11:30 in the morning. But... the boys slept late, I have finished two layouts, and started working on an altered item that I am realtering to match other goodies in my room...

AND... Chuck woke up in the mood to do some home improvements this weekend! Works for me!

My main goal of this post is to talk about my Word Of The Year! Ali Edwards started this a few years ago, and I jumped on it. Not always with much vigor as others, but still!

I have picked my word... and I wanted to keep this year light and simple!


And here is how I plan on working it into this wonderful new 2010!

  • With me... I want to play and enjoy daily life.
  • With family... I want to enjoy every moment I am allowed to play with them.
  • With the house... I want to continue to make this house our home.
  • With food... I want to get better about trying new foods and helping with the cooking.
  • With photography... I want to learn how to use this camera and play with photography.
  • With school... I am having an amazing year, and I want to continue to play with my students and teach them at the same time.
  • With reading... stop worrying about what others are reading and read what I enjoy... I do teach MS and love reading what they read... but at the same time, through in some good old fashioned grown up books.
  • With learning... I would love to continue being the best teacher I can be in the classroom.
  • With scrapping... I need to get in and let my mind play with paper.
  • With blogging... I want to make sure that this is an avenue for me to keep open for my thoughts, random useless info, family updates, scrapping goodies, as well as just playing!

I probably will be adding to this list as things pop into my head. But I do not set resolutions, once they are broken, they are broke. I set goals... My goal this year is to play! Come join me... Did you pick a word this year? I would love to know what your word is and why you picked it!

Happy New Year!

Lights Out!



lotsa scrap said...

What a wonderful list. Happy New Year!

Raelynn said...

Great word!