Sunday, January 24, 2010

Seven More Wake Ups!

To two things... One my 41st birthday... but that is pretty anti-climatic compared to the other thing. Probably the BEST birthday gift I could ever give to myself.

My surgery! It was supposed to be scheduled for the 29th which would have given me a few extra days to recoup, but the OR was booked... so it is now the 1st. Is it weird, ominous, to have surgery on my birthday? I don't know... but I just know that the pain will be gone. Yes, I will have the surgical incision to deal with, but he said it is less than an inch long! The elephant that has been sitting on my lower body will have found a new residency... That is the pain I am ready to be done with.

I am done smelling like Ben Gay, I am done with my heating pad, I am done reading every magaziine, grading all papers, and basically lying flat, just so I can work during the week. I am ready to PLAY again. Ready to be a mom! Ready to be a wife! Ready to get off these steroids and pain killers that seem to guide my day! I am ready!

Speaking of pain maintenance. I have tried every gel, lotion, patch, etc to help bring the icy/hot relief during the day without trying to teach tethered to a heating pad! Well... I thought I hit Pay Dirt with Therma Care wraps. Man, that was awesome. The heat felt so good, it stayed in place, the adhesive didn't rip the top layer off of my skin... Then came the time to take it off! Those cute little heating devices that made my day so comfortable BURNED my skin. I now have NINE blistered areas on my lower back... Talking about adding insults to injury... lower back pain, myelogram pain, blood patch pain, and now stupid burn blisters... it is just almost comical! Trust me, I am laughing! Trust me... don't buy those Therma Care patches... and if any of you happen to work for that company... sorry, I won't be using them any more!

Lights Out!


Bev said...

good luck on the surgery! You might want to notify your doc about those blisters. If they are anywhere close to the surgical site it may affect whether he can do it and it is much nicer to know that before you are all doped up in the OR

Anonymous said...

Um, I've used ThermaCare things before, but never directly on my skin. After an hour, I can't stand the pain and it has to be removed. Sorry... Hope your surgery goes well!!