Sunday, June 20, 2010

More summer...

Surgery went off without a hitch... except for one thing! I do NOT sit still very well! I am feeling pretty strong, but I know that things are going on inside that I need to be careful with! But it is summer, it is hot, and I am just going to stay home (not allowed to drive for TWO weeks) and watch movies, scrap, and try to keep the monkeys from killing each other. Monkey #2 doesn't come home until Friday, so this week will be a little bit easier!

T's baseball team is out there playing their hearts out! They are doing pretty well in this heat and should do really well in this tournament this weekend. I am sad that I am missing such a big tournament, but secretly it is HOT! I have others to see... I can't wait!

Something else to keep me busy this week... a new little site I found Simply Obsessed is hosting a Summer Loving crop. It looks like it will be fun and a great way to keep me still at home! Go check them out... it is a sweet little site with beautfiul kits and great ladies!
Lights Out!

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mommyof5kidz said...

OMGoodness! i can soooooo relate to your summer so far!!! LOL...glad you are getting to scrap every now and then though!!!