Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer is in the house...

And what a way to start!

To back up a few weeks... T and his team played five games back-t0-back in the Texas heat to win the championship for an area tournament... Much different than Little League play. Man that is some intense ball playing! And they are only SEVEN!
Then my baby "graduated" from Middle School and is heading off to our high school as a ninth grader in the fall. Man... are there some good times in her future! I can't believe how old she has gotten!

Actually got some scrapping done... some firsts since my back surgery. It felt so good to be able to get in there and work! I can't wait to get in there an get some more of this pile of photos scrapped! Will post the others later!
Faces: used the Momma Razzi line for whatI thought was "perfect" photos of my family. I think that they are just tired of seeing my camera in their faces... whatcha think?
Live: this was a picture I got of T playing with his RC boat up at Mom's! Something about his stance just makes me catch my breath! Love this kid!
Fresh: This is E at the end of sixth grade... I finally got around to scrapping this photo! Amazing to see how much she has grown in two short years! But what a zest for life! Love this one too!
After school ended, we headed for some laid back fishing at the camp... hmmm... a tiny little oil spill stopped us from bringing home dinner! Sorry babe, I know you were looking forward to that trip!

Maybe towards the end of summer, we can try again! Love you!

Lights Out!

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Cassie said...

awww congrats to Trav.

and isn' it crazy how big the kids are getting? Alex is non stop right now, drivers ed, HS football and basketball practices and camps, it seems all we DO is run anymore, and I dobn't even have any baseball this summer. LOL

Love you.