Tuesday, April 03, 2007

OMG... a dream come true...

OK... so we woke up like any other Saturday morning this past weekend! E goes shopping with my MIL to get a dress for my nephew's wedding, so Chuck, T and I hit the errands! While at Home Depot, Chuck says, "So... wanna get the paint for your scraproom!" I pretty much RUN to the paint section to order my BEHR Green Tea paint!

Decide I better get the room cleaned up in case he gets the bug to USE the paint! Sunday we wake up and he gets ready to leave... when I ask him where he is going, he says... "off to Home Depot to get your French Doors!" I almost FELL out of bed! Here is what it looks like so far! Actually at this time, the doors are back down and are primered in the garage! We have to do the other side, and then paint them! I got CUTE door knobs for them as well! Now to get all my scrap crap back inside! It was GREAT that he is doing this with me, but BAD because now he sees all my stuff!

Here it is BEFORE the transformation, but after I threw TWO garbage bags of junk and about 70 pounds of old scrap magazines away!

Here is the paint! BEHR Green Tea! Doesn't it just scream creative calmness?

And the French doors... We put them up just to make sure that they fit! They will be white like the baseboards!

I should take a picture of our study where everything is just PILED up! We plan on getting some shelving units and a new desk to go in there!

Lights Out!


Lisa said...

Fun! Fun! Can't wait to see the transformation!

Sandy said...

That's it! I have to have French doors! WTG GF!

Cas said...

ITs going to be BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lyn said...

i am SO SO excited for you, alicia!! the green is awesome, it looks so good with the floors and the white trim! it will be a gorgeous room JUST FOR YOU TO ENJOY!! SOooooo jealous over here!!