Thursday, April 12, 2007


Wow... has it been that long since you heard from me? Are you STILL coming by? Have you gotten SO bored with me that you just left? Well, if you are still here... Thanks! But if you don't like photos of stuff concerning me, turn back now!

OK... Easter was great! T had his little easter party at school and I got this GREAT shot of him! I have been loving these photos where they are set up in the third of the photo! Have a ton of horrible tries, and THIS accident! LOVED how it turned out!

Went to my parents house for the Easter weekend with the idea that we were going to maintenance and RIDE the jet ski, clean and use the kayaks, ride bikes... basically all kinds of fun spring weather activities... This is what happened instead! Needless to say we spent a bunch of time INDOORS!

And FINALLY... My doors are INSTALLED! Aren't they amazing! One step closer to having the studio of my dreams! Whoda thunkit? ME with a studio! Furniture is NEXT! Come by and play with me in my new Sudio!

Lights Out!


Cas said...


and LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE your studio.

Sandy said...

Your floor plan is just like mine as to the studio being immediately right of the front door. I have a half wall where you have your French Doors and would need to extend it to at least an 8' wall with a shelf. I have 9.5' ceilings.

My French doors would be at an obtuse angle from the half wall dividing the studio from the living room. Right now DH and I have kind of decided to leave the space open as I don't want to feel closed in and will loose all the light coming in my front door which is a French door with two French side lights.....lots and lots of natural light.

I'd love to come and play in your studio! Maybe one day it will just happen! I'd love for you to come and scrap with me in my studio as well!

It was so nice to meet you IRL recently! Hugs all round!

Lisa said...

Its looking great! Can't wait to continue to watch the progress!