Tuesday, April 24, 2007

To DO or not to DO!

That was the question! The big day was this past weekend! The wedding went off without a hitch... except for ONE! ONE minute before T was supposed to walk up the aisle to meet the best man, he planted his feet, put his hands behind his back, and said, "Nope!" He didn't do it! Thankfully, the important photos (for me) were taken BEFORE the wedding!

The photographer was a friend of the family, so he let me trail behind him... Here are a few that we got! If you want to see more... I have about 200! :) Just ask! I took these!
Here are my GQ men! Aren't they adorable?
The bride and groom
T before the wedding watching the groom tie on the rings! And posing for the photographer... On scrappy front... We are starting The Amazing Scrap Race at Scrappy Arts Sign ups are happening right now, and the race begins May 1st! Come sign up!
Lights Out!


Denise said...

Great photos Alicia!! You take awesome photos and have some good looking men there!! Keep up the great work. How is the scraproom coming along?

Cas said...

he is BEYOND adorable.